Afrowealth Group Ltd

We are an investment and consulting agency with the aim to bring investors from across the world and Africa even more closely.

Formed by professional graduates from different Universities across the United Kingdom with a board range of speciality areas that complement each other; united and motivated by a common vision to help accelerate economic growth and social development across the African continent.


• Afrowealth Group’s main aim to send out the most attractive investment opportunities to our investors across the world that read well, make sense, and are investable.

• We will be working closely with Governments and other private institutions which will give us the opportunity to play a very important role for investors who will see real opportunities, commitment and long-term relationship.


Afrowealth strives to become the premier investment/ consulting agency and the centre of connection between Africa and the rest of the world where investors can rely and encounter interesting project and captivating opportunities in the following sectors among others: Administrative work, Construction, Mining, Energy, Aviation, Transportation, Education, Recycling, Fishing, Information Technology, Sport, Health, Food Processing, Agro Food and Agro-tech.

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